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To the student of the Ascended Masters searching for the ‘next level’ of self-mastery: 
The Ascended Master Essentials Program is an immersive seminar that will bring you powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness.

The seminar includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters called dictations and special rituals for soul purification and upliftment.

These essentials seminars happen at the turning of the seasons and bring an activity of Spiritual Light for the next three-month cycle.  
About The Summit Lighthouse® 
The Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for over 60 years — these are the teachings of the mystics, masters, and sages of the East and West. We have an international community and we invite you to explore our home at the Royal Teton Ranch.